Saturday, May 10, 2008

Check or Money Holder (baby bug version)

Thanks for waiting patiently for this one - as promised in my last post here is a version of the check or money holder made using only George and the baby bug.

Since the baby bug mat is not wide enough to cut this in one piece there are three pages to this design. The first page cuts the back and flap of the holder and the second page cuts the front of the envelope. To make a window for a cash holder, cut the second page, leave the mat in the bug and then cut the third page.

When scoring the sides of the holder you can follow the lines of the flaps, making the score exactly even with the cut edge.

To score the long line which forms the flap, you should score at 2 3/4 inches. If you use a Scor-Pal shift the paper to the 1/4 inch mark and score on the three inch line (see below).

The piece for the front on the holder should be scored at the half inch mark - I am right handed and find it easier to do this on the right side of the Scor-Pal (so my left hand can hold the paper steady).

You will have two pieces that look something like this.

I used my Creative Memories Precision Point adhesive pen to attach the two pieces - you need a strong bond to be sure that the bottom of the holder does not open up. Here you can see it ready to adhere - the color has changed from white to clear.

Line up the fold line with the bottom of the larger piece and adhere

then apply adhesive to the flaps on the larger piece and fold the front down on top of the flaps.

Here are a few more ideas on decorating these holders .

First I tried some more embossing - inserting the front flap into the embossing folder as far as possible - first on one side and then the other. This results in "overlapped" embossing that looks a bit muddled and odd in the center of the holder

So I embossed a 1 3/4 inch strip of contrasting paper in the same folder and adhered that to the front.

You can see in the above photo that the embossing did not quite reach the bottom of the back of the holder so I added a strip of the same color paper (unembossed) to cover that area

Here is the finished money holder

For another holder I used some leftover flower cut outs and a strip of paper as decorations. First I punched 1/8 inch holes in the strip and the flowers

Then I attached the flowers to the strip using eyelets

I adhered this strip to the front of the holder and turned up the petals on the flowers

You can also simply tie a ribbon around the holder - here I used 1/8 ribbon cut to a length of about 20 inches. Thin ribbon will keep the holder closed without crushing the paper.

There are so many possibilities for decorating these holders - adding names to personalize them, stamping on the front flap, all sorts of embellishments will work so just let your imagination go wild!

Check or Money Holder - George


  1. Thanks so much for this!! Great timeing as I need to send some checks for grad gifts!

  2. hey Cap,
    i'm still makin money holders and having to come back for detailed directions. thanks for your time.


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